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by Cyrus Hollingsworth

Eli Hollingsworth (1807 - 1882) b. Flushing, Ohio, m. Elizabeth Ellis (d. 1837) in 1827-   Elizabeth buried at Quaker Lynn Cemetary, Lynn, Indiana, no birth date on stone.   According to Quaker records, Eli and Elizabeth, with their 3 children, Jonathan, Mary Ann, and Isaac moved from Flushing, Ohio, to Wayne County, Indiana in I836.   Elizabeth's brother, Jonathan Ellis, had preceded them here by about one year.   This was a 200 mile journey across Ohio on the Old National Trail.   They settled in the village of Whitewater, Indiana, where the following spring, Elizabeth gave birth to her fourth child, John, and died 10 days later.

About I839, Eli married Tabitha Thomas (1817 - 1850), buried at Arba, Indiana, and they lived on a farm near Lynn, Indiana. They had four children, Levi, Achsah, Celia, and Jane. About one year after the death of Tabitha, Eli, with these four children and his oldest son, Jonathan, moved to Converse, Indiana where he married, Deliah (unable to find Deliah's maiden name or where she was born. No death record in Howard or Miama Counties). Both are buried in a cemetary 1 1/2 miles Northwest of Converse.

Eli's 9 children follow:

A. Jonathan M.E. (1827 - 1897) m. Sarah A. Vernon (b. 1845). This
information on gravestone two miles east of Converse, Indiana. Since Sarah's death is not recorded on the stone and she was only 53 years old, it seems likely she married again and is buried at another place.

Jonathan lived in Huntington County, Indiana.   He served in Company E of the 4th Indiana Infantry during the Civil War using the name of Ellis Hollingsworth.   The 1880 census shows he had three children which was probably all considering his age.   His brother, Levi, provided a deposition in his application for a pension.   (Letter from Douglas R. Hollingsworth, N.Y.)

         A1. Abner E. (b. 1867)

         A2. Huldah (b. 1869)

         A3. John F. (b. 1877)


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