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D1. 3 Benjamin (1888 - 1917) , bachelor.   Ben died the year he was to receive his M.D. Degree.   Specialized in appendectomy, which was almost sure death in those days.   His death was caused by, of all things, appendicitis.
D1.4 Frederic (1891 - 1966) b. Lynn, Indiana, buried at Earlham Cemetery, Richmond, Indiana - m. Blanch Martin (b. 1895 at Spartansburg, Indiana).   Fred farmed his father's farm, until his father died,then farmed one of his Uncle George's farms, until retirement to Richmond, Indiana.   He was congenial, easy going, and highly respected.   His two children follow:

D1.4.1 Geneive (b. 1917) m. Clerance Martin, Jr. - two children, Rebecca Joe (b. 1942) and Phillip D. (b. 1944).

D1.4.2 Betty (b. 1922), spinster, career at the Second National Bank of Richmond.

D1.5  Emma Florence (I894 - 1895) buried at Quaker Lynn

D1.6  Ira M. (b. 1895 at Lynn, Indiana) m. Echo Slick (1893 - 1962)
daughter of Perry Slick of Hollensburg, Ohio,   She is buried at Spartansburg, Indiana.   Ira tried farming a few years, then went into sales dealing in feed and medicine for livestock, where his inherent sense of humor and congeniality made him a success. He married a second time to Clarabelle Martin.   His three children follow:

D1.6.1 Marybelle (b. 1917) m. Richard Hinshaw.   He is now a building contractor in Winchester, Indiana.

D1.6.2 Warren (b. 1919) m. Alice Bragg.   Warren is now a barber in Lynn, Indiana. They have two children - Dianne (b. 1946) and Joe (b. 1950) a student in college.

D1.6.3 Ivan (1924 - 1927) buried at Spartansburg, Indiana.

D2. Martha Jane (1864 - 1921) m. Jonathan Overman (1858 - 1938) buried at Fountain City, Indiana.   Jonathan was a skilled mechanic and operated a threshing machine in season.   He took this writer for his first automobile ride about 1914.   Their four children follow:

          D2.1 Jessie Mary (1888 - 1905)

          D2.2 Nellie F. (b. 1890) m. Isaac Burns, P.R.R. detective and killed on duty.   Nellie taught school for 10 years at Centerville, Indiana, before marriage.   No children.

          D2.3 Howard E. (b. 1893) m. Esther Eubank Howard, was a P.R.R. Clerk and lives at Indianapolis.   They have five children - Robert, Anna Mae Lehman, Betty Taylor, James, and Ruth.

          D2.4 Emma Clementine (1897 - 1972) m. Wilfred Jessup (d. 1945) buried at Earlham.   Wilfred was an attorney at. Richmond.   Clementine was an executive secretary.   No children.



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