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D2.5 Ernest Rex (1905 - 1948) m. Helen (?) of Terre Haute, Indiana. Rex went blind in childhood.   They had 3 children - Leah Gamble in Pennsylvania, Francis Hoskins in Richmond, and Beverly.

D3. George T. (1867 - 1955) born at Lynn, Indiana - m. Evie Lewis (1873 -1957), a daughter of George and Emily Cadwallader Lewis in 1893. Evie had two sisters - one, Martha m. Harry Taylor and moved to Indianapolis and Clara m. Charles Love, a carpenter and contractor, at Richmond. George was a successful farmer around Lynn.   He changed his religious faith from Quaker to Campbellite (First Christian) and became a deacon. Evie was active in many social and religious clubs.   They are buried at Winchester, Indiana.   Their six children follow:

D3.1 Paul Louis (b. 1894) at Lynn, Indiana is a bachelor. He went to Richmond Business College and also took an extension course in accounting. He made his career with the War Department of the U.S. Goverment. His hobbies are traveling and dancing and his favorite places are St. Petersburg, Florida, in the winter and Long Beach, California, in the summer. He is a veteran of World War I.

D3.2 Ralph Harry (b. 1896) at Lynn, Indiana, is a bachelor.   He became a carpenter working with his Uncle Charles Love.   His hobbies are the Stock Market and chess and is very adept at both.   He spends his winters in Florida and his summers at Richmond and Hot Springs, Arkansas.

D3.3 John Lester (b. 1898 in  Lynn, Indiana and died in 1935 at New Paris, Ohio) m. Blanch Alexander (b. 1903).   J. Lester was a farmer getting well started when he died.   He died of a heart ailment, which started from a bad case of measles in his childhood.   He taught a Sunday School class and was Superintendant of the Sunday School at the Methodist Church in Middlebury, Indiana His funeral was reputed to be the largest in recollection at that church.

D3.3.1 Joan (b. 1927) m. Thomas Barker, factory foreman in Richmond They have two daughters - Sherri Lynne (b. 1959) and Steven (?) (b. 1964).

D3.3.2 Carolyn, (b. 1931) m. Walter Strohmier of Richmond, Indiana and lives on the Alexander farm, New Paris, Ohio.   They have one son, Jeffrey (b. 1958), and one daughter, Cynthia (b. 196?)

D3.4 Cyrus D. (b. 1903 at Lynn, Indiana) m. Maria Thorn (b. 1902) in 1924.   Daughter of Grifith and Amanda Hodkins Thorn of Lynn. Cyrus made his career with the Belden Corporation as a lab technician.   He was appointed a Precinct Committeeman of the Republican party in Richmond in 1956, which office he still holds. He was elected to the Richmond City Council in 1963.   In 1946, he was divorced and married a second time to Phyllis J. Tremps (b. 192? daughter of Floyd and Ethel Jackson Tremps of Greenfork, Indiana. He has five children as follows:

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