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(From Hollingsworth Register Vol. X, Issue Y)

Henry Hollingsworth was a tenant farmer, a yeoman, a man-at-arms in a time of rebellion. He was born about 1600, and possibly as late as 1610. The place of his birth, surely, was England. We have seen no record of him there. He was alive as late as 1631 and we have no further indication beyond that. The only direct record of Henry is in British Museum Additional Manuscript Number 4770 folio 29 - the Muster Roll of the Ulster Plantation, c1630, County Armagh, where he appears as "Henry Hollinwort" the 5th name in a list of 24 tenants on the 2,000 acre estate held by Mr. Richard Cope and Michael Obins. The land lay just east of the present town, of Portadown, County Armagh. Included in the land held by Cope was the townland of Ballyvickcrannell whose standardized spelling on modern Ordnance Survey maps is Ballvmacrandal. This muster included 'able-bodied men between the ages of 16 and 60 years. From such a rough format we are able to claim Henry's birth occurred between 1570 and 1614!

Shortly after ten years had passed from the date of the musters, the rebellion of Sir Phelim O'Neill occurred. It is better known as The Irish rebellion of 23 October 1641. Many Protestant English and Scottish settlers in the area were massacred. Portadown was very hard hit. Thousands fled as refugees back to England; others were pressed into service to put down the rebellion. The fate of Henry Holllinworth is not known. Was he murdered? Did he leave for for England, never to return? Did he join a troop only to be killed in battle?

Henry Hollinworth married (before 1631) KATHERAN. She was living as late as August 1632 and her name appears but once in any record we know of, the Birth and Death Record Book of Lurgan Quaker Monthlv Meeting. There, the couple are called "Henry and Katheran Hollingsworth." Their abode as of the date of birth (August, 1632) of their only known son, Valentine, was Bellevickcrannell, (or, Ballyvickcrannell Parish of Seagoe, County Armagh.

It is safe to make this statement: Henry and Katheran Hollin(gs)worth could have dwelt there throughout the period of the rebellion, and the Commonwealth and on into the Restoration in 1660, The situation with records in Ireland at this period is such that it is quite possible to claim that they were, or were not, dwelling there. The Muster of 1630 is next followed by the 1664 Hearth Tax Roll (a copy) which shows "Valentine Hollinsworth" at Ballyvicrannell taxed for one hearth at 2 shillings. Next, Seagoe Church of Ireland (Established Protestant) Registers of Baptisms, Marriges and Burials begin in 1672 but do not contain records of Quakers. We had a search made in them and no Hollin(gs)worth appears. No record whatever for the parish of Seagoe exists, to our knowledge, for the period 1631-1663.

As for possible place of origin of Henry Hollinworth in England: The Parish Register of Mottram-in-Longdendale, Cheshire, from 1559, is in our possession on film. Part of it has been published here. No Henry appears anywhere from 1559 to 1833, the period covered bv our film copy. "Henry" as a name used by families of this surname, hardly appears anywhere in Lancashire or Cheshire records!