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Having become interested to know something of the history of our forefathers, I have been searching back history. I find that my great-grandfather, whose name was Isaac Hollingsworth, moved from Newberry, South Carolina, to Miami County, Ohio, in the year 1806. He had three brothers, James, George and Nathan Hollingsworth. I will now give the names of great-grandfather's children. The sons are William, Joel and John. The daughters are Rachel, Ruth, Keziah, Sarah and Susanna,with his wife, whose name was Susanna, composed a family of ten, the wife being the daughter of John Wright. She was a woman of high type in every sense of the word. "Big Isaac," by which name he was called, was a man of great physical strength. During the Revolutionary war a British officer approached his corn-crib, ut was forbidden entrance. The officer drew a threatening sword, and "Big Isaac" took the sword from him, saying: "Thus far shalt thou go, but no farther." Another incident in his history is given: While on the road moving to Ohio he was one day sitting on a log while his horses were eating. A man came along and asked where he was moving. He answered: "I am not moving; I am sitting still." "Well, where are you bound?" "I am not bound at all," said he; "I am a free man." The discomfited man passed on. When reprimanded by his daughter for his discourteous answers, he naively said he "did not know that it was any of that man's business where he was going.'' With all his exterior rudeness, he had a good and tender heart, more internal than external piety. He used to say that his crops never grew better than when Susie, his wife, was away from home, preaching. He and his family were members of the Friends church. His wife, in company with her sister, whose name was Charity Cook, twice crossed the ocean, taking the gospel message of salvation to far off lands. It is said that great-grandfather paid all traveling expenses for his wife. He died of pleurisy in the year 1809, aged 61 years. I will now dwell for awhile on the life and merits of my maternal grandfather, Joel Hollingsworth, born at Newberry, South Carolina, Dec. 29, 1778, and was married to Anna Barbara Connel. She was born Feb. 2, 1784.

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