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From the Hollingsworth Register of June 1971, Vol 7, No. 2

      On page 3 of our March, 1971 issue we wrote a preamble to this text, never knowing if this article could be written.  (For a sketch of our problems in getting the documents described here, see the following article.)But, after all, it has come to pass that the documents can, in fact, be published in Hollingsworth Register, thanks to P. M. Bottomley of the Public Record Office, Belfast, and a faster - than - usual mail service between Belfast and Los Angeles.

The papers in the Blacker records, now designated D. 959/A1, A2 nd A3,   as    found by Mr. Bottomley in a collection of 6 unlisted boxes, transferred about 1959 from the attic at the offices of Carleton, Atkinson & Sloan, solicitors, Portadown, County Armagh, N.I., are in fairly good condition with the exception of the Award (Adward) which has been torn away on the right side.    The Deputy Keeper's Report, 1954-1959, pp.  30, 31, describes these six boxes thusly "There are also a group of title deeds relating to the Blacker estate, c. 1675-c. 1920..."    The papers had been examined only shortly before the transfer, at the solicitors', and calendared only briefly, but correctly.

     Evaluating these three documents, the main new information your editor has discovered for you descendants of Valentine Hollingsworth, Senior(sadly enough he is not a descendant of Valentine) is as follows:
     a. That Henery Hollingworth (or Holinworth), the father of Valentine, was late and deceased, as of 27th October 1675 - hence the title of this article.
     b. That Henry Hollingworth had lived at Ballyvickcrannell, in Seagoe Parish, County Armagh, from at least 9th April 1632, when he xecuted an Article relative to some of his property, four months before his son
    Valentine was born there.
     c. That Henry Jenney, Archdeacon of the Diocese of Dromore, had purchased Ballyvickcrannell outright, to his heirs and assigns, forever, from Valentine Hollingsworth, before 19th October 1700.

These points are all supported by other documentary evidence. The Muster Roll of Armagh, c1630-31, folio 29, lists Henry Hollinworth on the Cope estate as one of the tenants. (HR 1:62A; 6:128) Lurgan Quaker Record Book of births, marriages and deaths, states the names of Valentine Hollingsworth's parents, including Henry, and that Valentine was born "about August 1632, at Bellevickcrannell." (HR1:8) But the new documentation given hereafter supplies just about legal proof of the points presented.   We also have earlier published the fine whereby Valentine Hollingsworth sold his land to Rev. Henry Jenney, Clerk, in 1688, at the same time that Valentine's son Henry got married to Lydia Atkinson of Ballinacor, daughter of Stephen.  (HR 5:27)