Last Name Head of Household Resident Age POB Residence as of April 1, 1935 Other
Baldwin County
Election Precinct 5
Hollingsworth .G.W.   63 AL Same House  
    James 34 AL Same House Laborer Naval Stores
    Allene 18 AL Same Place Daughter-in-law
    George 8/12 AL   Grandson
Peterson   Pinkie 58 AL Same House Sister
  (Annie, wife of, and James, son of George W. of George)
Barbour County
Ward 2
Hollingsworth Dollie   20 GA Quitman Co GA Nurse Hospital
Mount Andrew
Hollingsworth Roxie   66 AL Same House Assistant Post Office
    Geo. W., Jr. 36 AL Same House Asst. Mgr. Preserve
    Audrey K. 27 AL Same House Daughter-in-law
  (Roxie, wife of, and George, son of George W. of James H. of George of James of James)
Bibb County
Election Precinct 4
Hollingsworth Charles L . 49 AL Madison Co Al  
  (son of Thomas C. of Samuel of John)
Election Precinct 6
Warren Howard   24 AL St. Clair Co AL Miner Coal Mine
    Margaret 21 AL Shelby Co AL  
    James H. 1 AL    
Hollingsworth Clara   14 AL Bibb Co AL Sister-in-law