Last Name Head of Household Resident Age POB Residence as of April 1, 1935 Other
Buncombe County
Ward 1
Hollingsworth Ralph S.   59 NC Same Place PurchasingAgent Bleachery
  (son of Raymond T. of Isaac of Alexander of Joseph)
Ward 4
Hollingsworth Luther   51 SC Same Place Laborer Nursery
    Maggie 41 SC Same Place  
  (son of Ike)
Hollingsworth Grady   25 NC Same Place Laborer Highway Construct
    Ellen 18 NC Same Place  
    Earl 5/12 NC    
  (son of Earl J. of Samuel C. of John R. of Samuel R. of Joseph)
Hollingsworth Ollie   48 NC Same Place  
    William 18 NC Same Place New Worker
    Richard 13 NC Same Place  
    Tommy 12 NC Same Place  
    Betty 10 NC Same Place  
    Joseph 8 NC Same Place  
    Carl 7 NC Same Place  
    Susan 5 NC Same Place  
    James 2 NC    
  Ollie, wife of, and William, Richard, Tommy, Betty, Joseph, Carl, Susan, and James, children of, Earl J. of Samuel C. of John R. of Samuel R. of Joseph)
Hollingsworth Bernice   46 SC Same Place Seamstress
Farr   J. W. 21 SC Same House Son
  (wife of Elijah)
Ward 6
Hollingsworth Theadore   32 SC Same Place Contractor Building
    Claire M. 35 NC Same Place  
    Sandra C. 4 NC Same Place  
  (son of Barney)
Hollingworth Mel   56 SC Buncombe Co NC Mechanic Cotton Mill
    Alinene M. 44 GA Buncombe Co NC  
    Ruby I. 18 SC Buncombe Co NC  
    M.Clyde 11 SC Buncombe Co NC  
  (Marshal, son of Henry E. of David D. of Elias of Elias of Elias of Jacob of Thomas of Valentine)
Ward 7
Hollingsworth Annice   42 NC Same House  
Patton   Cornelia 65 NC Same House Mother
    William 20 NC Same House Brother
  (wife of John H. of William J. of John R. of Samuel R. of Joseph)