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Last Name Head of Household Resident Age POB Residence as of April 1935 Other
Allegheny County
Bon Avon Heights Borough
Hollingsworth J. Raymond   43 IA Same House Salesman Turner Brass
    Florence 40 IA Same House  
    James R. 10 IA Same House  
    Joan 8 IA Same House  
  (James, son of Asaph E. of Pierce of Asaph of Israel of David of Jacob of Thomas of Valentine )
Ward 2
Hollingsworth William   25 PA Grundy Co TN File Clerk Steel
  (son of William B.)
Ward 1
Hollingworth Wallace   28 PA Same Place Clerk Gulf Oil
    Anna 30 PA Same Place  
    Della Mae 8 PA Same Place  
  (son of Lemuel M. of Thomas J. of Jabez of George of George)
East Deer Township
Hollingsworth George   60 GA Boon City WV Puddler Steel Mill
O’Hara Township
Hollingsworth     27 PA   Inmate Workhouse
Ward 5
Hollingsworth John   51 OK Same House Laborer Steel Mill
Hollingsworth Robert   23 GA Atlanta GA Laborer Wholesale Nursery
Ward 7
Hollingsworth Charles   66 PA Same House Head Clerk Railroad
    Madge 65 PA Same House  
    Charles, Jr. 39 PA Same House Salesman Construction Co
    Virginia 37 PA Same House Daughter-in-law
  (son of John M. of Benjamin of Isaiah of Valentine of James of Valentine of Valentine)