1911 Warwickshire Census

Last Name Head of Household Resident Age POB Occupation, Relationship
Clark Stephen   59 born Great Welleraham Cambridgeshire  
    Annie Eleanor 54 born Birmingham  
Hollingworth   Gillah Ann 77 born Birmingham Aunt
  (Zillah, wife of Job of Job)        
Hollingsworth Caroline   46 born Birmingham Boarding House Keeper
    Beatrice Rose 21 born Birmingham Wrapper Up
  (Caroline, wife of, and Beatrice, daughter of, Edwin W. of Edwin of George of Richard)
Hollingsworth William   20 born Northorpe Lincolnshire Football Prof
  (son of James)
Hollingsworth Charles Henry   57 born Macclesfield Cheshire Beer Retailer
    Sarah 51 born Peng Barn  
    Charles Albert 23 born Glcet Worcestershire Art Metal Worker
    Austin 18 born Glcet Worcestershire Assist at Home
    Grace Edith 11 born Glcet Worcestershire  
Aston Manor
Hollingworth Alfred   30 born Birmingham Coppersmith
    Rhoda 32 born Birmingham  
    Ada 6 born Birmingham  
    Phillis 4 born Birmingham  
    Winifred 1 born Birmingham  
    Ernest 32 born Birmingham Brother Shoeing Smith
Taylor   Harry 21 born Birmingham Brother-in-law
Walsgrove   Doris 12   Adopted Daughter
  (Ernest and Alfred, sons of Edwin of George of Richard)
Hollingsworth Francis Humphry   62 born Birmingham Glass Maker Blower
    Mary Ann 63 born Birmingham  
    Sarah Priscilla 33 born Glasgow Lanarkshire Art Worker
    Mary Louisa 30 born Glasgow Lanarkshire  
    Oliver Ernest 27 born Birmingham Commercial Jewelry
  (son of Humphry of Francis of William)