Last Name Head of Household Resident Age POB Occupation, Relationship
Hollingworth Harold   19 born Bradford Yorkshire Chemical Assager
  (son of James B. of Thomas of James)
Bacon William Thomas   36 born Birmingham  
    Keturah Abel 35 born Birmingham  
    William Edward 6 born Birmingham  
    Keturah Beatrice 5 born Birmingham  
Hollingworth   Beatrice Elizb 25 born Birmingham Sister-in-law Chocolate Coverer
  (Keturah and Beatrice, daughters of Edwin of George of Richard)
Lyons Lily   32 born Bham Press Worker
    Elizabeth 14 born Bham  
    William 13 born Bham  
    Andrew 10 born Bham  
Hollingworth   William 63 born Bham Brother Cycle Polisher
    Violet 18 born Bham Niece
  (William, son of George, and Lily and Violet, daughters of William of George of Richard)
Hollingsworth Gregory   32 born Glasgow Lanarkshire Moulder for Copper
    Lilian 24 born Walsall  
    Gregory 1 born Bham  
  (son of Francis H. of Humphry of Francis of William)
Hollingsworth Charles   47 born Birmingham Dairyman
    Mary 41 born Birmingham  
    Edith 16 born Birmingham  
    Mabel 13 born Birmingham  
    Gertrude 9 born Birmingham  
  (son of Edwin of George of Richard)
Hollingsworth Frederick Francis   38 born Bham Gas Meter Maker
    Florence 36 born Bham  
    Fred 12 born Bham  
    Ada 8 born Bham  
    Hettie 4 born Bham  
    George 1 born Bham  
  (son of Edwin of George of Richard)
Hollingsworth Susan   56   Cobar Wonen
    Daisy 21 born Birmingham Glass Colourer
  Susan, wife of, and Daisy, daughter of, Charles of George of Richard)