Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Place of Death
Hollingsworth Frederick 9/27/1887 12/1969 Baltimore, MD
(son of Joseph)
Hollingsworth G. 3/14/1934 3/1990 no location
(Gilbert W., son of Eugene of Henry of John)
Hollingsworth Gary 9/8/1942 11/1/1987 Little Rock, AR
Hollingsworth George 3/21/1891 4/1964 no location
(son of William B. of George)
Hollingsworth George 7/4/1911 2/1/1996 Chestertown, MD
(son of George V.)
Hollingsworth George 11/19/1913 12/1980 Greensboro, MD
(son of George R. of William B. of George)
Hollingsworth Gilbert 12/25/1961 5/8/2000 no location
Hollingsworth Helen 6/1/1909 8/1993 Baltimore, MD
(wife of Colin P.)
Hollingsworth Helen 1/21/1918 8/15/1994 Hyattsville, MD
(wife of Robert F.)
Hollingsworth Helen 11/5/1921 1/9/2001 Baltimore, MD
Hollingsworth Helen 6/19/1926 4/6/2001 Camp Springs, MD
Hollingsworth Helene 11/2/1917 5/1/1991 no location
Hollingsworth Howard 1/22/1912 2/21/1991 no location
(son of Samuel H. of Nathaniel of Nathaniel of Thomas of Thomas of Thomas of Valentine)
Hollingsworth J. Virgini 10/20/1915 11/1980 Church Hill, MD
Hollingsworth James 9/12/1908 8/26/1993 Laurel, MD
(son of Thomas N. of Thomas N.)
Hollingsworth James 9/22/1913 9/1987 Hampton, VA
Hollingsworth James 12/26/1929 6/30/2005 Bartow, FL
Hollingsworth Jesse 6/16/1911 3/11/1989 Baltimore, MD
(son of Lewis of Jerard)


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