Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Place of Death
Holingsworth John 3/8/1893 1/6/1988 Centreville, MD
(son of William B. of George)
Hollingsworth John 10/13/1894 9/1975 Chadds Ford, PA
(son of Ralph of John of James of James of Abner of James of Valentine of Valentine)
Hollingsworth John 11/19/1915 9/21/1990 Sylvania, GA
(son of John C. of John C. of Isaac of John of Valentine of Stephen of Henry of Valentine)
Hollingsworth John 8/10/1956 9/17/2005 no location
Hollingsworth Joseph 10/24/1912 7/1974 no location
(son of William)
Hollingsworth Joyce 12/20/1921 4/21/1994 Greensboro, MD
Hollingsworth Juanita 10/22/1894 2/20/1992 no location
Hollingsworth Julius 5/12/1924 11/6/2010 Manhasset, NY
Hollingsworth Katherine 5/20/1931 8/5/2007 Union Bridge, MD
(wife of Charles A.)
Hollingsworth Kathleen 6/3/1922 11/21/2005 Church Hill, MD
(wife of Corkran P. of George A.)
Hollingsworth Kenneth 10/12/1950 7/1983 Glen Burnie, MD
Hollingsworth Laura 12/15/1919 1/7/1996 Cumberland, MD
Hollingsworth Louise 11/12/1898 2/1973 Baltimore, MD
(wife of Frederick of Joseph)
Hollingsworth Margaret 8/20/1910 12/23/1998 Glenwood, IL
Hollingsworth Martha 2/28/1873 9/1976 Lutherville, MD
(daughter of Charles R. of Robert of Nathaniel of Thomas of Thomas of Thomas of Valentine)
Hollingsworth Marie 7/23/1873 12/1968 Silver Spring, MD
(wife of John H. of Charles of William)
Hollingsworth Mary 11/6/1888 2/1963 no location
Hollingsworth Mary 2/10/1893 11/1964 no location
Hollingsworth Mary 8/2/1898 8/1978 Church Hill, MD
(wife of Unice)


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