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This section includes articles on both Hollingsworth genealogy research and articles that relate family information on various Hollingsworth lines

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Articles of general interest relating to the Hollingsworth and related families or to individual family members

Genealogy Research 30

This category includes material to assist researchers of the Hollingsworth family in finding relevant articles and passages from selected books that provide genealogy data on the family. Only articles that provide information based on validated source data or on strong circumstantial evidence is included.

 Names of key Hollingsworth ancestors in some articles on early ancestors include a Record ID Number, such as [1], [6], etc., differentiating between ancestors with the same first names in the article list. So, for example, articles regarding Valentine Hollingsworth, born 1632 in Ireland, who came to America as part of William Penn's group and who is the acestor for the majority of Hollingsworth's in North America, carries the Record ID Number of [3].

Only a limited number of Record ID Numbers have been assigned to date, but more will be added when the Family Tree section comes on line in the future.


Hollingsworth Register 9

This category includes articles from the Hollingsworth Register, published for many years by Harry Hollingsworth, the pre-eminant Hollingsworth genealogist of his time


The articles in this section provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding various aspects of the website

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This section provides basic information on the Hollingsworth DNA Testing Project along with numerous articles providing insights from genetic testing regarding certain branches of the Hollingsworth family tree

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Hollingsworth family obituaries for Last Names starting with the Letter:

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Census Data on Hollingsworth Ancestors extracted from US, Canadian or United Kingdom Census Data by State/Territory/Province and Year

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