1921 Quebec Census


Last Name Head of Household Resident Age POB Comments
Brome Township
Armstrong Leslie   32 born Quebec  
    Nellie 26 born Quebec  
    Ilene 6 born Quebec  
    Hilda 5 born Quebec  
    Iris 3 born Quebec  
Hollingsworth Elsie   56 born Quebec Brother-in-law
  (Nellie, daughter of Henry L. of John of William)
Grimes Britta   71 born Quebec  
    Lorinda 59 born Quebec  
Cook Albert   69 born Quebec  
    Katherine 57 born Quebec  
Hollingsworth John   25 born Quebec Step-son Labourer
    Myrtle 20 born Quebec Step-daughter
    Eric 2 born Quebec Grandson
  (Lorinda, wife of, and John, son of, Clifford J. of John of William)
Hollingsworth George   40 born Ontario Buyer
    Mina 34 born Ontario  
    Jack 11 born Ontario  
    Rex 9 born Ontario  
    William 5 born Ontario  
    Ray Emily 3 born Ontario  
    Barbara 68 born Ireland Mother
  (Barbara, wife of, and George, son of, Geogheghen of Henry)
St. Vincent de Paul Penitentiary
Hollingsworth Fred   22 born England Convict
Cite de Lachine
Hollingsworth David   45 born Quebec Printer
    Sarah 45 born Quebec  
    Marjorie 19 born Quebec  
    Isabel 15 born Quebec  
    Mildred 12 born Quebec  
    David, Jr. 4 born Quebec  
Hollingworth John   42 born England Mebr Maker
    Florence 39 born Quebec  
    Grant 15 born Quebec  
    Leslie 12 born Quebec  
Hollingsworth George   39 born England Painter
    Nellie 36 born England  
    Reginald 11 born England  
    Harold 9 born England  
    Marjory 6 born Quebec  
    Leslie 3 born Quebec  
    Lawrence 9/12 born Quebec  
  (son of Charles of James T.)
Hollingsworth Frank   31 born Ontario City Fireman
    Ada 29 born England  
    Frank 4 born Quebec  
    Margaret 3 born Quebec  
    Basil 4/12 born Quebec  
  (son of Robert)
Hollingworth J.E.   42 born England Labourer
    Elen 47 born England  
    Clarence 26 born Quebec Purchasing Agent
    Percy 24 born Quebec Cashier
    Eva 22 born Quebec Proof-mark
    Gertrude 17 born Quebec Stenographer
    Doris 15 born Quebec  
    Lillian 12 born Quebec  
    Fred 10 born Quebec  
    Ethel 8 born Quebec  
    Frank 6 born Quebec  
  (Joshua, son of David of Joseph)
Hollingworth Charles   38 born England Agentase
    Edith 39 born England  
    Jhon 8 born Quebec  
    Allen 3 born Quebec  
Hollingsworth Thos   41 born England Shipper
    Maggie 40 born England  
    Lillian 11 born Quebec  
Hollingworth William   47 born England Moulder
    Martha 44 born England  
    Samuel 11 born England  
Quartier Laurier Montreal
Hollingsworth Herbert   32 born England Operator
    M. Evelyn 29 born England  
    Ida 9 born Quebec  
Hollingsworth May   20 born Ontario Student
St. Hyacinthe-Rouville
St. Paul S Abbotsford
Hollingsworth George   35 born USA Homme de Peine
    Haggor 29 born England  
    Therese 9 born England  
    George 6 born England  
    Phillip 25 born England Domestic Homme de Peine
Aylmer Ville
Hollingsworth Leana   22 born Ontario Domestic