Maryland Social Security Death Index


Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Place of Death
Hollandsworth Paul 2/14/1920 3/1981 no location
(son of John J. of B. Frank)
Hollingsworth Adele 7/2/1921 11/29/2009 Saugatuck, CT
Hollingsworth Ann 8/25/1909 12/1987 Arlington, VA
Hollingsworth Anne 8/11/1898 10/26/1988 Waterford, CT
Hollingsworth Annie 6/7/1912 8/27/1898 Baltimore, MD
Hollingsworth Annie 1/15/1942 1/23/2002 Baltimore, MD
Hollingsworth Arthur 9/14/1924 9/22/2009 Cecilton, MD
(son of Eugene of Henry of John)
Hollingsworth Bertha 10/1/1883 8/1964 no location
(wife of Charles of George of John of Thomas H. of John)
Hollingsworth Calvin 10/23/1940 7/1969 no location
Hollingsworth Carolyn 4/24/1939 12/18/2010 Denton, MD
(wife of Charles A. of George E. of George R. of William B. of George)
Hollingsworth Charles 8/2/1894 10/1970 Church Hill, MD
(son of Ike)
Hollingsworth Charles 2/13/1919 9/1976 no location
(son of Eliza of John H.)
Hollingsworth Charlotte 11/15/1922 1/1996 Frederick, MD
Hollingsworth Clery 7/28/1941 2/21/2009 Orange, NJ
Hollingsworth Clement 8/21/1913 10/1986 Baltimore, MD
(son of Clement W. of Cyrus C. of Amos W. of Robert of Nathaniel of Thomas of Thomas of Thomas of Valentine)
Hollingsworth Corkran 2/14/1916 4/1975 no location
(son of George A.)
Hollingsworth Daisy 1/5/1940 1/10/1999 no location
Hollingsworth Daniel 5/29/1925 2/13/2006 Denton, MD
(son of Daniel D. of William B. of George)
Hollingsworth Dawn 8/2/1941 4/27/2003 Chandler, AZ
Hollingsworth Deborah 8/17/1954 2/1987 Ponte Vedre Beach, FL
Hollingsworth Dewey 11/10/1942 3/1984 no location